Meet the team

Caloni Michelle Moses

Founder & CEO

Caloni is a Personal Branding Expert, serial entrepreneur, speaker, soon-to-be author, and lifelong adventurer. She has her Master's Degree in Business Administration. She began studying elements of personal branding in 2010 and has since built an international personal brand for herself. Caloni's mission is to help people see that their expertise, success and life experiences have value in the marketplace.


Brand Strategist

Keishia found her passion in connecting people with the tools & resources they needed to better their lives. Her passion in branding and business development began 7 years ago! Keishia often says, ``There is nothing better than seeing people make a change in their lives and build their personal brands, which can take them from a basic lifestyle to a thriving lifestyle.`` Keishia believes in showing clients that they are capable of creating the life they want. When she's not speaking or building personal brands into businesses, you can find her in the gym and with her mastermind crew!



In addition to Adam finding his passion for film 10 years ago, he also received his Bachelor's of Science in Digital Filmmaking and Video Production. He chose the cinematography industry because he wanted to develop his place in the marketing field with nothing more than an idea. When Adam is not behind a camera, he can be found doing anything in the outdoors, including camping, hiking, razor riding, boating & surfing. He also has a passion for traveling the world.


Website Ninja

Chad has a passion for website & graphic design, content management & brand promotion. He graduated from the University of Utah. When Chad is not working, he can be found playing sports and spending time in the outdoors.


Brand Photographer

Ashlyn has loved photography as long as she can remember! She got her first real point-and-shoot camera at 8 years old and has been taking pictures since. Nothing brings her more joy than connecting with personality brands and capturing the valuable emotions and beautiful moments they experience in life. Besides photography, she loves all things outdoors and loves adventuring. She is incredibly passionate about nature and the mountains. She can be found outside hiking almost every day. She enjoys fishing and swimming in mountain lakes and rivers. She also loves playing sports with friends and family. Lastly, she loves connecting with people and spending time with loved ones.


Brand Strategist

Amanda is a personal branding strategist. She got started in personal branding as a photographer. Amanda has the ability to form authentic relationships with people and helps personal branding clients do the same with their connections. When Amanda is not hard at work, she's at zumba or spending time with her husband and 2 kiddos.


Brand Photographer

Amy got her first camera at age 7 and then she started taking photography seriously after college. After having worked in fashion photography for many years, Amy wanted to try something different and her passion for personal brand photography began. She loves helping entrepreneurs reach their tribes through dynamic photography. When not dancing or making photographs, she can be found reading, riding bikes, walking her dogs, swimming laps, and experimenting with watercolors.



Anything inauthentic will dissipate; therefore, we strive to be authentic.


We prioritize quality over quantity & relationships over transactions.


We remain educated as times are changing.


We're on a mission to impact 1,000,000 lives!