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Receive a questionnaire prior to the session to ensure no stone in your personal brand is left unturned.


Evaluate your personal brand in these areas: color palette, logo, typography, website design, imagery, brand messaging, brand voice, social media & products/services.


You’ll be given a post-audit session report with details of everything we covered in the session and suggestions that were made.





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Meltisa Waage

International Speaker, Author, Found of Detoxify Your Life

Amanda Clifford

Anxiety & Depression Coach, Founder of Rise As We

Stefanie Peters

Best Selling Author, Host of The Boss Life TV & Founder of Lady Boss Empire

David Russel

Digital Marketing Consultant


“Caloni has been a game changer in my business. She's guided and directed me through different times in my business. If you're feeling like you're stuck, or you're really wondering what the next step in your business looks like for that breakthrough, I highly recommend Caloni.”

Stefanie P.Best Selling Author, Host of The Boss Life TV & Founder of Lady Boss Empire

“Before I met Caloni, I was lost with my branding. I have all these amazing businesses, but I did not have the clarity to package myself properly. And thankfully, after hiring her, everything made sense. It's been nothing but a blessing. My website is done, my social media is booming and the responses that I'm getting are incredible. My business has doubled and I've been nothing but grateful for her mentorship, her leadership and her trusting me as much as I trust her.”

Melitsa W.International Speaker, Author, Founder of Detoxify Your Life

“Life before Caloni, in hindsight, was a nightmare. Caloni really is like an angel from the sky that fell into my lap. I've worked with a few people before Caloni and my experience wasn't great. I just didn't see the results that I've seen working with her. From day one, I knew that I was her number one priority. She got me clear on exactly who I was, what I was doing, who I was serving and exactly what I was doing with my business. She helped me to organize my products and services. She helped me position myself as an expert and made social media easier for me. My brand looks professional and my website is something that I'm proud of.”

Amanda C.Anxiety & Depression Coach, Founder of Rise As We

“Caloni been such a huge blessing for me and my personal brand this year. She actually had my strengths and my passions nailed down to a tee and was able to point me in such a clear direction that has snowballed me to where I am today and it has just been amazing. She has really done everything she can to build such a solid foundation for me and my personal brand. I very, very, very much recommend Caloni for anyone who wants to build a personal brand or maximizing the one they have. She is definitely the best in the world at what she does.”

David R.Digital Marketing Consultant

“Before I started working with Caloni, I was so lost and confused about what I wanted out of my business. I just didn't really have a direction, I wanted more. I am so grateful that I was able to redefine myself and redefine my business so that I could portray what I want to be known for. Working with Caloni was the most invaluable experience. If you're looking for that, if you're looking for a way to find clarity and direction then work with her because it has been an absolutely amazing experience for me and I would do it over and over and over again.”

Becky C.Small Business Owner

“Caloni is the best. She is inspiring. She invests in clients and their progress. She's results-oriented. She wants clients to get results. When I was in the middle of a pre-launch for one of my programs, she gave me the tools and resources needed for a successful launch. Caloni is there, holding your hand every step of the way and letting you know what you need. There is something about her energy that lights a fire inside of me. I highly recommend Caloni. Thank you.”

Cassia M.Brand Strategist & Founder of CBD Design Studio